Photographic competition 2004

Two Maribou Storks taking off from a tree top
Winner: Richard Chaplin (Two Maribou Storks taking off from a tree top)

The annual photographic evening took place on March 3rd and attracted a good audience and nearly 100 excellent entries (apart from the entries in the Worst Bird Photo category of course!). In the absence of Gordon Langsbury, Dickie Duckett took over as judge and selected 1st and 2nd in each category, while adding useful and constructive comments on each of the entries. The evening ended with the audience voting for the best picture and prizes (courtesy of the President) being presented to all the winners. As in previous years it was a very enjoyable evening, thanks in no small part to Dickie's performance as judge (it at least prevented him from winning again!).

The winning entries were as follows:

Best Bird Photo:

  1. Richard Chaplin (Two Maribou Storks taking off from a tree top)
  2. Mike Smith (Grey Heron)
    Grey Heron

Animals in Their Habitat:

  1. Dave Massie (African Elephant)
    African Elephant
  2. John Bleloch (Leopard in a tree at sunset)
    Leopard in a tree at sunset

Art in Nature:

  1. Mike Smith (Ice)
  2. Alastair Mackay (Whooper Swans)
    Whooper Swans

Worst Bird Photo:

Overall Winner was Richard Chaplin for his superb picture of Maribou Storks.

Note 1: The Chairman would like to offer his profound apologies to Mike Smith for incorrectly reading out the wrong selection in the runners up spot for Best Bird Photo - he has been hanging his head in shame ever since!

Note 2: Now that many people are using digital cameras it is felt that it would be good to be able to accept entries in that format (we are currently limited to slides). At the moment we are not quite sure how we can best handle entries in digital form, but if anyone has any ideas how this could be done please let the Committee know.

The ROC thanks Mr Roger Brown for his help in scanning the slides for this webpage.