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Coach Trip to Dungeness on 5th October Cancelled 22 Sep

Owing to the exceptionally low number of bookings received to date we have decided to cancel this trip rather than risk a massive loss on the cost of the coach.

First Indoor Meeting - Weds 24th September 22 Sep

The opening meeting of the new season is Wednesday, 24th September, at 8p.m., with the ever-popular author, Dominic Couzens, coming to speak about “Puffins Near and Far”.

This iconic little bird is a great favourite, but most of us know only a little about its time spent ashore during the breeding season. That is the “Near” of the title. What happens during the mysterious and greater part of their lives which they spend far out at sea is the subject of the “Far” part of the story. Don’t miss it.

Please note that this meeting will be in Park House at Whiteknights, which is building 8 on the site map (link below), the red-brick, original mansion, which is virtually in the centre of the site and accessed from the Pepper Lane side of the site. The University have arranged to put out some signage to help guide you to the right building.

Any problems, contact Ray Reedman on 0118 9864338. Looking forward to seeing you there!

BOC Tree Sparrow Project Appeal 19 Aug

As you probably know, Tree Sparrows have been lost to us as breeding birds in Berkshire, though there have been a few winter records over the last four years. This Autumn the BOC will be trialling a Tree Sparrow recovery project, drawing on the success of projects in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire. The project involves feeding grain (millet is preferred) from October to April. Feeding stations will be set up at a number of locations where Tree Sparrows have most recently been seen and if they are found, nest-boxes will be provided nearby.

Can you help by donating spare general grain feeders or nyger feeders? We need medium/large capacity, robust feeders and sealable, weatherproof and rodent-roof containers, capable of holding 25kg bags, as grain stores. If you can help, please contact Renton Righelato (; telephone 0787 981 2564).

New season programme announced 18 Aug

The Committee has put together another great programme of events for the new season, both indoor meetings and field trips. The indoor meetings will feature some top speakers on a variety of bird topics – something for everyone - with almost all meetings taking place in our usual venue in the Palmer Building at Reading University. Outdoor excursions will take us to many fine birdwatching sites, both near to home and further afield – some by car and others using a shared coach. Most outings are day or half day outings, but there are a few weekend options as well. All trips have named contacts so please talk to them to find out more and check that the trip is taking place as advertised. For weekend and longer trips please contact the leader well in advance to allow all the arrangements to be made. The programme card contains information about both indoor meetings and outdoor trips, so keep it handy as a reminder. Printed copies of the Membership/Programme Card will be available at indoor meetings.

2009 and 2010 Birds of Berkshire Annual Reports 1 May

The 2009 and 2010 Birds of Berkshire Annual Reports are now available from the Secretary for £7.50 each plus P&P (£1.50 per report + £1 per additional report) (Cheques payable to Berkshire Ornithological Club). Free to BOC Members.

BOC Photographic Competition 2014 – Results 18 Mar

(Sponsored by London Camera Exchange) Judges David Cottridge and Dickie Duckett commented on the general excellence of the entries in this year’s competition, making for some tough decisions on winners and runners-up in the three categories - which can be seen here. The audience of Club Members then voted for the overall winner and recipient of the Gordon Langsbury Trophy, which was Brian Winter for his delightful portrait of a Little Owl.

Little Owl by Brian Winter

BOC Norfolk Weekend - Feb 2014 25 Feb

The dreadful weather of the first weeks of the year, which had already wiped out two events, left many of us with low expectations of this year’s trip to Suffolk and Norfolk: in the event we got away remarkably lightly and were able to complete most of the outlined programme. Read more...

Fobney Island Monitoring Report 2013 12 Jan

The Fobney Island Monitoring Report 2013 has been published and can be viewed here.

Request for Volunteers to Help Club 7 Jun

We still have no-one to look after publicity for the Club. The job of publicity officer is fairly large, so we are looking for people to take responsibility for different aspects. If you are interested in helping with any of the following, please contact Mike Turton at :

  1. Distribution of BOC publicity leaflets and posters to libraries, nature reserves, etc. (please state which part of the county you'd be willing to help with distribution in)
  2. Coordination of leaflet distribution
  3. Design and production of publicity leaflet, posters, etc.
  4. Advertising events on community websites
  5. Passing information on Club activities to the local media
  6. Helping on stands at local events
  7. Coordinating BOC presence at local events - identifying events, contacting organisers, arranging for volunteers to help on the stand

If you would like to offer to help with any other areas of publicity not included in the above list, please let Mike know.

Ray Reedman would also like some more people to help with organising and running the outdoor excursions for the Club. If you would like to help, please contact Ray on .

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The 2009 and 2010 Reports are now available from the Secretary for £7.50 each plus P&P (£1.50 per report + £1 per additional report) (Cheques payable to Berkshire Ornithological Club). Free to BOC Members.

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