Distribution Maps

Based on the data submitted in the first three years of surveys, we have prepared maps of the species richness of tetrads and the distributions of individual wintering and breeding species. These provide a guide to progress so far and gaps in the distributions for which we seek more information. Our thanks to all the people who have contributed to developing our distribution mapping resources, particularly Marek Walford, Nigel Wardell, Mike Taylor, John Swallow and Jason Righelato. The maps provided here are ©Birds of Berkshire Atlas Group. They are provisional, based on the currently available data: the first three of the four winter and four breeding seasons of the Atlas survey period (winter 2007/8 to summer 2011).

The latest species richness maps are shown in the current Progress Report. Use these maps to identify tetrads with poor breeding confirmation or see where specific species are missing. If you want to see what's missing from any particular tetrad go to BTO Atlas website and use 'Any Square Summary' to get a full list of what's already been seen/confirmed.

Renton Righelato - March 2011

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